Automated Phone System

Meriden Public Schools utilizes a notification service that will allow us to send you a telephone, email or text message providing important information about emergencies or school events. This service will be used to notify you of school emergency and weather related early dismissals, when necessary, as well as other important and interesting information to share with you about the school district or individual schools.

In addition to routine information, the notification system will also send a phone message to the primary phone number to notify you when your child is marked absent from school. Emergency broadcasts will be sent to the primary phone number and all guardian contact numbers.  

The primary number is usually the home phone. If you would prefer that attendance and routine calls are sent to a different phone number (example: cell phone) please contact your child's school. If you are not receiving phone calls please make sure your phone contact information is up to date with your child's school.

Click this link for an overview of common questions: F.A.Q. for Parents 

To replay a message that was sent to your phone press the *.

School Delay & Closing Information

Delay & Closing Contact Details