Public Participation at Meetings

All regular and special meetings of the Board shall be open to the public. Since the Board desires to hear the viewpoints of citizens throughout the district, it shall offer suitable time at all meetings for citizens to be heard. However, Board meetings are conducted for the purpose of carrying on the business of the schools and, therefore, are not public meetings but meetings held in public.

Any individual recognized by the Board President to speak shall give his/her name, address, the group if any that is being represented and the subject to be discussed. The presentation shall be as brief as possible. Unless an extension is granted by the President, the speaker shall be limited to three minutes.

The Board will not permit in public session any expression of personal complaint about school personnel nor against any person connected with the school system, including students. Persons with personal complaints regarding personnel should speak with the Superintendent of Schools as a means of bringing concerns for consideration and disposition. Speakers will not be permitted to participate in gossip, make defamatory comments or use abusive or vulgar language. Speakers will be advised that comments must be limited to items which directly relate to the school district. The President of the Board will maintain the prerogative to discontinue any presentation which violates any of the public participation guidelines.

As a matter of standard procedure, public comment will be confined to that portion of the agenda reserved for petitions and comments, and is subject to Board approval. In the advance of any meeting, any member of the public may request of the Board President of the Board President may extend an invitation to any member of the public for an opportunity to address the Board on one or more specific agenda items when those items are reached. The decision to honor such a request or to extend such an invitation shall be within the sole discretion of the Board President in due consideration of the Board's goals and statement of policies especially as enumerated in Board Policy Section J: School-Community Relations.