Adult & Continuing Education

Lois B. Lehman
Director of Adult and Continuing Education

Richard Tanasi
Director of College and Career Readiness Center(CCRC)
191 Pratt Street, Meriden

The Office of Adult and Continuing Education provides state mandated instruction for students ages seventeen and older who are no longer in traditional Meriden Public Schools' programs but who may continue their education through alternate adult routes. Adult and Continuing Education provides courses in high school completion, GED® instruction, English as a Second Language and citizenship preparation at the College and Career Readiness Center(CCRC) loacated at 191 Pratt Street, Meriden. The community benefits from general interest programs that are offered for a small enrollment fee.

Meriden Adlt Education, in close collaboration with the Midstate Chamber of Commerce as well as numerous businesses throughout the community. Adult Education assists community agencies whose clients are not able to attend classes conducted in the traditional high school locations as well. The Casa Boricua, College and Career Readiness Center, Meriden Community Action Agency, and the YMCA, are such agencies.

Continuing Education

Adult Education is a multi-dimensional program of academic, cultural, physical and vocational activities designed to meet the needs of individuals from seventeen years of age through late adulthood. It provides programs for those who wish to complete their public school education and/or become U.S. citizens.

It also provides enrichment and skill training programs and develops programs to assist the clients of Meriden's community agencies. Programs and courses are diversified to meet the needs of more than 4,000 adults each year. Examples of such courses include basic academic subjects, art, computer skills, opera, crafts, and foreign languages. Educational counseling is also available.

Course offerings and general information about Adult Education are described in Meriden Adult Education catalog, a publication inserted in the Record Journal. The catalog is also available at CCRC.

Please visit the Meriden Adult Education website.

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