Family-School Liaison

David J. Salafia                                                                      Family School Liaison Tool
Family-School Liaison Coordinator
203 443-0631
District Wide

Family-School Liaison Team Members

David Cardona 
203 213-5832
Hanover - Monday
John Barry - Tuesday & Wednesday
Roger Sherman - Thursday
Ben Franklin - Friday

Marissa Cardona
203 631-0277
Lincoln - Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday
Washington - Monday, Wednesday & Friday

Carlos Pina
203 213-0837
Maloney - Monday, Wednesday & Friday
Platt - Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday

Yajaira Valentin
203 213-9016
Thomas Hooker - Monday & Thursday
Casimir Pulaski - Tuesday, Thursday & Friday
Nathan Hale - Wednesday
Central Registration - On Call


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The Family-School Liaisons (FSL) will work cooperatively with students, adult family members, school staff and community partners to remove barriers that prevent students from learning.  Under the direction of the Family-School Liaison Coordinator, they will use a comprehensive service that engages as partners in the process of helping their child succeed.  FSL's will function as intermediaries and advocates, providing students with proactive preventative services which promote success; socially, behaviorally, and academically, through deliberate and effective targeted family interactions.

The FSL Team will assist with planning, organizing and implementing family events in their related schools.  They will also identify resources and services from the community to strengthen school programs.  They will provide information and ideas to families about how to help students at home with home curriculum-related activities.  The FSLs will conduct home visits to counsel parents and students regarding the importance of educational support for parents and families in the areas of academic success, attendance at school and student growth.

The FSL's will work with community partners, non-profits and social service agencies to connect students and families to existing programs in our community. 

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