Exemplary Achievement Project Award Winners


John Barry Elementary School

Veronica Germe and Lauren St. Jernquist
Do Nice, Be Kind, Spread Happy: The Kindness Club (HM)

Benjamin Franklin Elementary School

Amanda Brodaski, Madelyn Valentin-Strickland and Carla Victoria Wallace
Famous Authors' Study (HM)

Hanover Elementary School

Marjorie Eager and Angela Fragoso
Path to College

Thomas Hooker Elementary School

Amy Manware and Christopher Smith
Student Driven Report Card Conferences

Lincoln Middle School

Carrie DePetris and Olivia Navickis
Climate Change Data Sonification (HM)

Francis T. Maloney High School

Nancy Atterberry, Karen Blakeslee, Tom Gordon, Brenda Parness, Jessica Showerda and Jillian Thorpe
Helping Hands Project

Jillian Thorpe and Michael Torda
Amnesium (HM)

Catherine Valentin
Blogging for the Real World (HM)

Orville H. Platt High School

Anny Carr and Kelly Roman
Platt Paints The Walls

Mark Thornton
Social Media and the Political Process